TelCell Retires Mobile Numbers with Prefix 555.


TelEm Group’s mobile carrier TelCell has discontinued the use of mobile numbers that begin with the prefix 555-XXXX.

With immediate effect, all Telcell customers with mobile numbers starting with the prefix 555 – XXXX must use the new prefix 550-XXXX.

An announcement about the prefix number change was first made in September and November last year so that users could make provisions for changes in stationary, business cards, address books etc.

Now that users have been properly sensitized to the pending changes, the change is now being fully implemented as of January 18, 2012.

Final configurations of the TelEm Group mobile network were scheduled with personnel and technical staff Tuesday night to accommodate the new mobile dialling prefix.


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Users of the new 550-XXXX prefix are requested to continue to inform their own contacts about the changes and are also advised to reboot their phones from today, Wednesday to ensure all changes take effect. 

The 555-XXXX mobile pre-fix is being discontinued by TelCell in accordance with directions of the Bureau of Telecommunications & Post (St. Maarten). It is in keeping with St. Maarten’s decision to adopt the new North American Numbering Plan (NANP) later this year.



Under the North America Numbering Plan, the pre-fix 555-XXXX is already assigned to various specialized services in the USA therefore St. Maarten can no longer use this prefix once it adopts the new numbering plan locally.

The Bureau of Telecommunication and Post (St. Maarten) has advised TelCell to discontinue use of the 555-XXXX mobile numbers in order to comply with instructions from the North America Numbering Plan Authority (NANPA).

In order to inform the general public about these changes, the Bureau of Telecommunications & Post (St. Maarten) has been conducting an information campaign in the past weeks.

TelEm Group will also support the BTP’s efforts in informing the public by making customers and telecommunication stakeholders aware of these important changes, especially how they will affect the services offered by TelEm Group.

TelEm Group customers are being advised to call the Customer Care Department at 546-0100 for more information about discontinuation of the TelCell mobile Pre-fix number 555-XXXX.