Enough attention for detainees


From Saba and St. Eustatius in the Correctional Institution Dutch Caribbean, location Bonaire

In a paper on Bonaire there was mention of tensions under Saban and Statian detainees in the Correctional Institution Dutch Caribbean (JICN) located on Bonaire,because theyare not receiving enough attention .

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As of recent a number of minor prisoners from Saba are residing in JICN, location Bonaire. The staff of JICN actually gives extra attention to these young people because they are aware that they are far from home and that their detention therefore is more difficult for them.

All detainees can call their lawyer and family as often as they wish. That is if they are in possession of a calling card. This also applies to prisoners that come from Saba and St. Eustatius. The possibility exists for family to deposit the money to buy these cards. In the weekend that the detainees arrived, JICN did not have the correct numbers for them to call. This has been solved directly and they do have contact with their families.

The detainees have the opportunity to receive additional visits from family from outside the island.