Dutch Market Tourism Promotion Under Review


Left to right, Wouter Leydes from ThielenPeters advertising firm, Caroline Furgeson from Lead2Travel, the on line webmaster for wwwmvakantiestmaarten.nl, Arthur Thielen from ThielenPeters, Bart Schuller Sint Maarten Tourist Office Holland representative, May-Ling Chun Director of Tourism, Betty Jean Baptiste Marketing Coordinator Sint Maarten Tourist Bureau, and Lydia Haveman Director Benelux.

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Director of the Sint Maarten Tourist Bureau May-Ling Chun stated on Wednesday that a working session took place to extensively analyze the campaign that has been running in the Dutch market.

During the meeting the discussion focused on the branding to see what the effect has been so far and if changes are necessary. The group also discussed in detail the website and the results that have derived from it in bookings and website visits. New opportunities and actions will be discussed on Thursday.