Bureau Telecommunication and Post St. Maarten (BTP SXM) has taken note of the fact that, there are whole sale and retail stores in St. Maarten offering in sale devices not in compliance with the rules and regulations on the import and sale of wireless electronic communication devices.


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Inspectors of BTP SXM have conducted several onsite spot-checks, and have noted that several stores on St. Maarten are selling illegal devices to the general public. These devices can cause interference with public and governmental communications systems, resulting in unforeseen outages and/or service degradation.


BTP SXM herewith reminds all sellers of electronic communication devices that, only the sale of FCC or CE approved wireless electronic communications devices is permitted in St. Maarten. All devices within the permitted category need to comply with FCC part 15 requirements or the EU R&TTE Directive.


BTP SXM grants a two (2) week grace period, as of the date of publication of this notice, to sellers to review their inventory and conduct a compliance verification. Sellers are advised to utilize the grace period for the removal from their store of all devices that are not incompliance with the FCC or EU guidelines. Devices not in compliance with the standards listed herein may not be sold or gifted. These devices should be shipped back to the manufacturer or distributor (with proof submitted to BTP SXM) or destroyed in the presence of BTP SXM inspectors.


A detailed list of the wireless electronic communications devices that are deemed illegal is available on the BTP SXM website ( Any device not in compliance, sold after the grace period will be confiscated and the business in question will be fined based on the Telecommunication act of 1995 No.196 art.15 sub1. and art. 20, which carry a penalty of maximum of six (6) months imprisonment or an administrative fine of Twenty Five Thousand Guilders (Naf. 25.000).


The Director