SZV Staff open 2012 in new uniform


Commencing on the first working day of the year January 2, 2012 SZV staff welcomed its customers in their new uniforms. The variety of colors and styles used make the uniforms both elegant and recognizable, as the company logo is boldly displayed. The provision of these uniforms as well as the upcoming retreat scheduled to take place this Friday January 6, is part of an initiative to revamp the Social and Health Insurances Company and optimize its provision of service to the general public.


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Please be reminded that SZV offices will be closed on January 6, 2012 due to the scheduled retreat. During this retreat the minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor Mr. C. De Weever, along with Director of SZV Mr. D. Richardson and Chief Operations Officer Mr. R Willemsberg will share their views on recent developments, goals and targets and the roadmap for 2012-2015 will also be discussed.

SZV aims at providing optimum service to its customers and the management and staff will continuously strive to be innovative and dynamic in order to realize the goal of becoming the number one excellent service provider.