New Year’s Speech President Patricia Flanders


Sint Maarten Seniors and Pensioners Association

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Greeting to my elderly seniors pensioners and their families.

The New Year is times when we look back at the year passed and look forward to the year to come, and wonder what it will bring. As we see the old year out, we remember its joyful and its sad moments, and live in hope that this year will bring happiness and success for all of us and for our nation. We are optimistic and anxious because we live in a world where much that happens elsewhere can be felt here on our island St Maarten which not alone can have consequences for our country but also for each of us. Let us have the strength, will and character to face the challenges, ahead and have the will and courage to overcome them. We carry in our hearts a boundless optimism and will to succeed, strengthen us we are born or lives in one of the tiniest countries on earth.

Over a years we have repeatedly about spoken equality.

The cornerstone of strength the equality high regard for values such as justice, caring for seniors, families and elderly, the prevention of poverty and functional democracy .

However, the reality of everyday life paints a different picture.

A strong increase of income pensioner inequality and problems with availability of basic services and income security have repeatedly featured in the news..