Fire department advises establishments to review emergency and public safety systems

As year-end activities rev up


The Fire Department is calling on the business community especially entertainment establishments to recheck their fire emergency and safety procedures as the aforementioned will see an increase in the number of patrons and customers over the weekend.

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Owners and management of public buildings and places of recreation/entertainment are requested to ensure compliance to all fire safety requirements and that staff are aware of emergency procedures.

The Fire Department management would like all to enjoy a fun filled transition from the old to the New Year.

Escape passageways should be free of obstruction and fire exit doors should be kept accessible for use during emergencies.

Overcrowding in building premises especially public entertainment outlets such as discotheques and clubs, should be avoided as it would impede the safe evacuation of people from the premises in the event of fire.

Anyone who notices fire hazards may report them to the Fire Department.

Fire safety is a collective community responsibility and together we can help to reduce fire occurrences in Sint Maarten.

The Fire Department emergency number is 919.