Christmas message by the Prime Minister of St. Maarten, the Honorable Sarah Wescot-Williams.

This Christmas Season, like those before it, offers us a chance to reflect and give thanks. Thanks for the blessings we have received and the challenges we have overcome, as we pray for Grace to face those challenges not yet overcome and strength for tomorrow.


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The Season is also one of sharing and there is much to share. In the true spirit of Christmas, we have the priceless gifts of love and caring. Of us it is expected to show understanding and promote a climate of peace in our communities. We should demonstrate tolerance for our fellow human beings and fellow citizens, as no man is an island on his own.

2011 has been a year of a gradual rebound as an island nation and even the smallest achievements are due to our collective psyche of not giving up easily. We have not merely survived another year, we have triumphed against many odds.

Yes, there are persons within our community who face an uncertain future, and in this regard mention must be made of the workers of the Pelican Resort, whose fate is still in limbo.

This is no time to measure our strengths against one another as opposing parties in a conflict, but rather the time to recognize that we are all stakeholders in this country called St. Maarten.

While economically speaking, the worker is the "weaker" one in labor conflicts, the laborers of St. Maarten have a stake in the development of our country. Fact is, that we all need each other.

And for our country to prosper, we need to realize this interdependence and seek ways to eliminate barriers.

My heart also goes out to all those who have lost a loved one during the recent past, especially for those lost due to senseless acts of crime.

It is my prayer that those left behind are not blinded by feelings of revenge or retaliation, but rather strengthened by a resolve to do their part to break the cycle of violence.

Soften your hearts, as we remember the Christ child and his coming into this world, when mankind was giving a new chance and new hope.

If we count our every blessing, there will be more of us who have than those who have not, so let’s help our fellow men and women, so that this Christmas will bring joy and hope to the majority of people on St. Maarten.

I pray for peace for our nation and for the world at this Christmas time.

Have a blessed Christmas.