Prime Minister Wescot Views with Interest the Establishment of New Hemispheric Group

Of New Hemispheric Group of Caribbean and Latin American countries


Prime Minister Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams welcomes the establishment of the new hemispheric group of 33 Caribbean and Latin American countries known as CELAC.

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Early December Heads of State and Government held a Summit of Latin America and the Caribbean (CALC) in Caracas, Venezuela. The meeting was described as historic and a very important step in strengthening the relations between 33 countries.

"The new body has been established to first and foremost improve the quality of life of the peoples of CELAC. It is seen as a new framework that includes 33 countries that would work together to create greater unity.

"This new framework is very much welcomed by Sint Maarten, as efforts of strengthening regional ties and cooperation has clearly borne fruit and is necessary to buoy this region against outside shocks and occurrences.

"These platforms offer the leaders of this region the opportunity to incessantly explore ways to promote further development of the region’s people. Sint Maarten continues to examine ways and means to participate in regional bodies, to the benefit of its people and those of the wider region," Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams said on Tuesday.

At the summit, leaders pledged to work together to fend off the effects of the world financial crisis, reshape the financial system and safeguard CELAC’s growing economies.

The creation of the CELAC was raised by the heads of state in February 2010, during the Rio Group Summit in Cancun, when Mexico proposed the union of all the countries in the region belonging to the Rio Group and CALC.