Raising The Bar on Educational Leadership and Management


On Friday December 16th 2011 a Educational Conference was held at the University of St.Martin by Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs Dr. Rhoda Arrindell.


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The conference that was held at the USM dealt with various topics relating to Education. Dr,Rhoda Arrindell gave her presentation at the conference followed by kenote speaker Vice President of Monroe College Mr.Marc Jerome with the topic Rasing the Bar on Education Leadership and Management.

 Mrs. Jane Buncamper touched on the topic of 21st Century Qualities of a Good Teacher and a Good School Manager follwed by Chief Education Office of Anguilla Mr. Charles Connor who spoke of A Teacher and Management Appraisal System. Highlights of the Education Plan was presented by Dr.Rhoda Arrindell and the Education Plan Committee. Mr.Josianne Fleming Artsen  presented  Designing an In-service Training Plan and Ms. Rubina Boasman Quality Standards in Higher Education. After all the presentations there was a Summary of the days event.