Personnel, Families and Friends Transform TelEm Group Parking Lot Into a Festive Christmas Village


TelEm Group personnel were joined by family and friends Sunday – transforming the company’s Pond Island Parking lot into a bustling Christmas Festival Village.


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Festival Village……….2

Personnel, along with members of the family and friends, manned booths offering all the Christmas fare including: Gift baskets; guavaberry and other festive liquors, cakes, tarts, roti, plants, hand-made jewelery, sweets, patties, Johnny cakes, decorated bottles, perfumes and seasoned wines.

The event is the first of its kind organized by TelEm Group’s Personnel Association.Festival Village……….3

During the event customers also had the opportunity to purchase company products inside TelEm Group’s main building at discount prices

"We are very pleased with the turnout and to show how talented TelEm Group personnel are even outside of the workplace,"
said Personnel Association member, Nataska Charles (pictures above right).

Nataska and other association members set the booths and also provided refreshments at the bar.

The highlight of Sunday’s event was the Grand drawing of a 52" Flat screen TV from the raffle promotion between Sol gas stations and TelEm Group.

The winner of the draw will be announced at a later date.