President of Parliament Message Kingdom Day 2011


15 December marks Kingdom Day. It is the second Kingdom Day that Sint Maarten will be marking as a country within the Dutch Kingdom.


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The Kingdom of the Netherlands comprises of four countries, the Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten. Sint Maarten is committed to work together in partnership and as equals, towards a shared future of the Kingdom.

A Kingdom vision of the future is being worked on which will help the Kingdom to evolve. Such a vision will incorporate mutual values and beliefs in freedom, democracy and human rights for the continued development and prosperity of all the peoples within the Kingdom.

Our societies are seeking ways and means to improve the quality of life of the people. The vision of a new Kingdom should include forms of innovation that help build resilient partnerships and better societies in the Kingdom as a whole. Progress is something which must be sustained and shared by all.

While the day is symbolic in nature, we are looking forward to making the new constitutional relationship with our Kingdom partners beneficial for the people of the countries we represent.

The new structure must be translated into tangible results that the citizens can feel and see. We are committed to taking our rightful seat at the proverbial table to make it happen no matter the obstacles, no matter the detractors.

Kingdom Day represents our collective spirit to work together to deal with today’s challenges.

For Kingdom Day 2011, let us reflect as we look forward to the challenges ahead. This is an exciting and pivotal time for the future of the Kingdom.

I would like to wish all citizens of the Kingdom Happy Kingdom Day.

Hon. drs. Gracita Arrindell

President of Parliament of Sint Maarten