Hearing on Central Registration System Child Abuse for Tuesday

Central Committee to Meet on Kingdom Visa Policies

 A Central Committee Hearing is scheduled for 13 December about a Centralized Registration System for Child Abuse.The Central Committee of Parliament Hearing for the central registration system will be held on Tuesday morning at 10.00am in the General Assembly Chamber of the House of Parliament.A number of organizations and entities dealing with children have been invited to parliament to give their input with respect to the national ordinance to amend Book 1 of the Civil Code. The organizations are Safe Haven, Court of Guardianship, I Can Foundation, Crystal Home, UJIMA Foundation, Multipurpose Organization Foundation, and Women’s Desk. Parliamentary hearings over the past two months are part of the process to deal with amendments to the Civil and Penal Codes. Parliament in a session of October 3 requested that other entities be heard with respect to amendments that are to be made to various laws that govern the country.A Central Committee meeting of Parliament is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at 2.00pm with reference to visa policies, admittance and expulsion of the countries within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.This meeting will take place in the General Assembly Chamber in the House of Parliament and the Minister of Justice Hon. Roland Duncan has been asked to be present to exchange views and ideas about the aforementioned.The hearing and central committee meeting are open to the public and will be carried live on St. Maarten Cable TV Channel 20.

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