Man found dead


A French national with initials O.G.A.P. was found dead this morning on the premises of a home on Grenada road in Madame estate on Tuesday December 6th at approximately 06.30 a.m.


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Police were notified by witnesses walking by the house in question. Immediately after receiving this information several patrols were sent to the address to investigate what had happened. On the scene the patrols did locate the body of the victim that wasn’t showing any signs of life. The area was closed off immediately for further investigation as the investigating officers considered this a "crime scene". The Forensic Department was called in to the scene to collect evidence. The death of the victim was pronounced by a medical doctor shortly after. The body has been confiscated for further investigation. The information with regard to this investigation is still unclear and any other information at this time will not be divulged to the public. The cause of death has not yet officially been established. The detectives are busy questioning witnesses and are asking anyone who may have any information that could shed some light on this investigation, to please come forward and give this information. As more information becomes available the media will be informed.