Occupants flee scene of the accident


On Friday night December 2nd during the general controls being held by police, in the vicinity of the "Look-out Point" on Cole bay hill, the driver of a rental with license plate 4731AAA was ordered to stop.


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The driver refused to stop and increased his speed to escape police. Suspecting that the police would chase after him continued speeding over the winding road on the Cole bay hill in the direction of Cul-de-Sac. At one point the driver lost control of the vehicle while overtaking another car. The oncoming traffic avoiding a collision pulled to the left, but this SUV with license plate M-9726 was hit on the right side by the rental. This collision caused extensive damage to both vehicles. Neither vehicle could continue driving. The driver of the rental and the occupants exited the vehicle and fled the scene on foot. The area was searched to locate the driver of the rental but he was not found. No one was injured during this accident. This case is being handled by the Police traffic department.