Vesuvius investigation: 3 suspects kept in pre-trial detention for another 60 days;

Other five suspects due for prolongation shortly.
Today the judge of instruction prolonged the pre-trial detention of three of the eight suspects in the Vesuvius investigation. The suspects were arrested on November 16th 2011, in a large scale operation by local Police, together with RST, Curaçao customs officers and police officers from throughout the Kingdom. The other five suspects will be led before the judge either tomorrow or next week.

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The suspects A.O.J and E.L are currently being detained on Aruba. A third suspect, C.F., is being detained in Curaçao.
Yesterday another house search led to the seizure of yet another firearm. The total of guns seized in this investigation now is 12. Examination of the weapon has to establish whether this is a genuine firearm or an alarm gun. Witness statements that could have been relevant in the early stages after the first shooting only now pop up in the investigation. The contents of these statements is more than helpful to the investigation. The Prosecutor’s Office therefore once again calls on people who have relevant information to come forward and share this information with the investigation team.
The investigation is still ongoing, offering plenty of work to many police officers.