TelEm Group Going “Live” With New Billing System Monday

In what is being viewed as a significant development company-wide, TelEm Group has announced plans to “Go Live” with a brand new billing system on Monday, December 5th.

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The company will be deploying a new billing software that will greatly assist with a more efficient and productive billing strategy.
Presently customers receive three separate bills for Internet, mobile, international and landline services.
Once fully installed and operating, the new billing software will provide one bill to customers who have multiple services and multiple accounts with TelEm Group.
The new Billing software is a product of the Israel based company MIND. It has been fully tested and jointly developed during the past year with the input of personnel from various departments within TelEm Group.
A consulting company was assigned to monitor quality control of the new billing software while MIND itself took care of the installation and personnel training.
The latest “hands-on” training has been taking place this week and involves front-end personnel in Customer Care and Cashier departments who will be working directly with the new system.
Further training in applying more advanced features of the system will be given to selected managers and supervisors during the upcoming weekend, while the migration from current billing systems to the new MIND billing system takes place.
As a final step before the new system officially goes online, there will be four days of testing and a migration of important customer information from two separate billing systems to the new MIND billing system starting today (Thursday).
The migration will began midnight last night and will continue until 6:00 am Monday morning.
In order to ensure a smooth migration of database information TelEm Group will initiate an internal switching network freeze on services related to Mobile, Wireless, ADSL, VOiP and Naternet.
During the freeze all customer transactions related to the network will be carried out manually and in the case of sales, receipts will also be produced manually for customers making transactions at company locations today, Friday and Saturday.
Management says once the new system is fully in place, TelEm Group will be able to offer different packages of services, or “bundled” services to customers.
The company has meantime apologized to customers for any inconvenience caused during prior to Monday’s “Go Live” date when the new billing system officially goes online.