Student ill-treats mother

The lady with initials D.A.M.H. from Jamaica filed an official report of ill-treatment with the Police Juvenile Department against her 15 year old son who is a student of the Sundial School.

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D.A.M.H. stated that she was invited by the school management to attend a meeting on Monday morning in regard to her son’s behavior at school. During this meeting she was informed by the management that her son was caught smoking marihuana during a fieldtrip.
The student in question with the initials K.R., also born on Jamaica, became verbally aggressive towards one of the teachers and started cursing. His mother D.A.H.M tried to correct her son, but he attacked her, striking her repeatedly with his fist in her face. As a result of this attacked she suffered factures to the bone in the left side of her face and had to seek medical treatment at Sint Maarten Medical Center. The student in question was arrested by police and handed over to the Police Juvenile Department for further investigation.