National Gazette available; Prime Minister presented with first copy


 Prime Minister Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams last week Friday received the first official copy of the National Gazette, November 25, 2011 Edition which is now available to the public.

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The official publication is required by law under article 1 sub 1 of the Ordinance on Publication and Entry into Force. According to the article, Government is responsible for issuing a National Gazette.
The next edition will be available on December 9 and will be published every two weeks.
For subscriptions and to get a copy of the publication, customers can contact the Department of Legal Affairs and Legislation by email at: na*************@si************.org or by visiting the office which is located in the Imperial Building, W.J.A. Nisbeth Road #23.
The first edition carries an introductory message from the Prime Minister besides a number of announcements for example, a divorce or a notification of when an individual has to appear in court as well as changes to national ordinances and regulations etc.
“As a young Country we have experienced many events, which have taken place for the very first time on St. Maarten. We have experienced our first opening of Parliament, our first Royal Visit, and our first birthday as a Country.
“In keeping with this trend, we present to you this first edition of the ‘National Gazette of Country St. Maarten, which in the future will be appearing twice a month.
“Government will be publishing official communications and announcements in this Gazette. Through this medium transparency in government is guaranteed, in the same manner as the Constitution and more specifically the National Ordinance which is geared at realizing publication and enactment.
“I consider the launch of our National Gazette as another important moment in the development of our Country,” the Prime Minister Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams said in her introductory message.