Donation of ½ dozen of fans to the St. Maarten’s Home


On Monday 21st November,2011, The New Era Foundation made a donation of ½ dozen of fans to the St. Maarten’s Home


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I would like to first of all welcome and acknowledge the presence of the Senior citizens, the staff and Management of the St. Maarten’s Home, the Media houses, the invited guest and the members of the New Era Foundation.

For me it is indeed a great pleasure for me to stand here this afternoon and be a part of the solution of issues that affects our seniors rather than be part of the problem. During senior citizen’s day the management approached me about the fact that at times the rooms where the seniors occupy are very warm and therefore makes them very uncomfortable staying in their rooms at night to have a good rest. While listening this immediately had my concern because I said to myself if this is the way that our seniors who have done and is still doing for this country is being treated then I have a serious problem with what we as leaders has as priority.

Our seniors are both our past and our future. Our past because they have contributed to the development of St. Maarten and its people. Our future because they are contributing to guiding our next generation in preparing them for the new millennium. We must recognize and acknowledge the role that our seniors play in our society. Government and Citizens alike should take time out of their busy schedule to spend time with our seniors and to make the rest of the time spent on earth as comfortable as possible. The role of the citizens of a nation changes and evolves when they become older as time goes by. In the beginning we are born and must be guided by our parents and leaders. The next phase is that we then become the parents and leaders ourselves and then the last phase is when we become seniors and have the responsibility in guiding our future generation and our children. If God spare our lives we will play all of the above roles. We must ask ourselves then which role are we playing now or where are we at, because tomorrow our roles will change and then we expect that others will play their role so that the development of our nation St. Maarten will be moved in a positive direction. The seniors are depending on You and I to play our role so that they would be able to benefit from the treasures they have already stored up in the past. Their pension should be addressed properly, their doctor cards should be indefinite without an expiration date, the cost of living should be affordable and every other benefit should be put in place in order for them to live a life without having to worry about how they would be able to survive during the latter part of their lives.

Having said all of that we of the New Era Foundation found it very imperative to heed to the call of the citizens by presenting them with a half of a dozen of standing fans to put in six rooms so that we can have an additional six seniors that will now be sleeping in a room with the necessary ventilation to make their rooms more cooler so they can rest and sleep much more comfortable. We should do whatever it takes to make the lives of our seniors as comfortable as possible. We would like to thank the Media that took time out of their busy schedule to be here, all those organizations that continue to assist our seniors and we hope that there will be other foundation that will also find ways in assisting our seniors as well when it is necessary.

To the Management and staff of the St. Maarten’s Home we say continue to do your work with diligence and do not grow weary in well doing because in due season you will reap your reward.

To the seniors we say we are thankful for all that you have done to make St. Maarten what it is today and with God’s help we will continue to address all of your concerns with the little resources that we have. You have done your part now it’s time for you to be rewarded. Hold on until the end and don’t give up the struggle. You are closer to the promised land than you believe.

God bless you.

Jeffrey Richardson

Public Relations Officer

New Era Foundation