Yvette’s cookbook selected for “the best Christmas gift” international list

YOUR BOOK IS ON THE LIST" is how Edouard Cointreau, president of Gourmand International, wrote in an email to HNP on Thursday, about his magazine’s selection of Yvette’s cookbook.


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The November edition of Gourmand-Magazine has listed From Yvette’s Kitchen To Your Table – A Treasury of St. Martin’s Traditional & Contemporary Cuisine by Yvette Hyman, among "the best Christmas gift" cookbooks for 2011.

"This list of 112 new cookbooks and wine books 2011 in English has been established for Gourmand-Magazine, by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, which had 162 countries participating this year," stated the Cointreau release.

"More than one third of yearly cookbook sales take place in November and December," according to the president of the prestigious cuisine trade organization.

"This is an appetizing piece of news to receive between St. Martin Day and Thanksgiving Day (first Sunday of December)," said Jacqueline Sample, president of House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).

Gourmand is also known for its annual tours de force of chefs, wine experts, cookbook publishers, cuisine and lifestyle media, and throngs of fans and foodies from around the world that flock to its wildly successful expos in Paris, London, and Frankfurt. http://youtu.be/1Go9U0u0wbg.

"The best Christmas gift is often a cookbook. They are beautiful and practical, useful and cultural, local and international, great quality at a reasonable low price," said Cointreau, who is also president of the Paris Cookbook Fair.

He added that there is "a large offer of great titles this year from the US or the UK." Among that large offer of titles, Yvette’s cookbook keeps popping up.

In was just in September that Gourmand-Magazine placed Yvette’s cookbook in its "selection of one hundred recent food and wine books from 52 countries."

According to the magazine, that selection is to "help bring the titles to ‘the international book trade, which is the first objective of Gourmand International.’" The list, with Yvette’s cookbook being one of the few titles with its cover featured, served as a trade guide at the mega-Frankfurt Book Fair in October.

The 162 nations represented in the November Gourmand-Magazine with the "best Christmas gift" cookbooks and wine publications include France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, Ghana, Ethiopia, Bahrain, India, Thailand, China, Japan, Bali, Papua, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil.

About eight Caribbean countries and territories are represented in the Gourmand-Magazine "best Christmas gift" cookbooks 2011: Antigua, Trinidad, Curacao, Haiti, and Jamaica among them. www.gourmand-magazine.com.