Police controls vehicle finds two handguns


On Saturday, November 19th at approximately 02.20 a.m., a Philipsburg Police patrol was directed by the Central Police Dispatch, to the parking area next to the Déjà Vu night Club after receiving information that two men in a white car parked on that parking-lot were in the possession of handguns.

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On the scene the patrol located the car in question. When the driver of that car saw the police approaching he stepped out of the car with the intention to walk away, however he was ordered to stand still, which he complied with. The patrol also noticed another man sitting in the front passenger-seat of that car. This man was also ordered to step out of the car. During a search of the car one pistol of the brand GLOCK caliber .45 and one revolver of the brand INA NAC (Brasil) caliber .38 were found on the passenger-seat. Both suspects with initials J.R. (21) and A.J. (24) both from Sint Maarten were arrested on the spot. The two handguns were confiscated for further investigation. During a search of both suspects small plastic bags containing an amount of marihuana were also found and confiscated. The suspects were taken to the police station were they remain in custody for further investigation. At the police station the officers learnt that arrest warrant for the suspect J.R. had been issued, as a suspect in an ongoing armed-robbery investigation.