PJIA holds first evacuation drill onTuesday


If you should notice any unusual occurrences at the Airport Tuesday, November 22, 2011, you are advised not to panic: they are most likely related to the evacuation exercise which the Princess Juliana International Airport Operating Company NV (PJIAE) would be carrying out in compliance with its Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan. It will be the first time the emergency evacuation drill would be conducted at the new terminal building since it was inaugurated.

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The drill, which is coordinated by the Operations and Fire Department, will affect the entire PJIA community including the almost 300 staff of the airport.The airport emergency evacuation exercise will begin at 9 AM and conclude at 10 AM. Flights landing during the time of the evacuation have been taken into account and provisions have been made. The exercise should not negatively affect operations during that time.According to PJIAE managing director, Regina LaBega, the objective of the drill is to familiarize the staff and users of the airport with the required procedures on how to efficiently and effectively evacuate the terminal building in an orderly manner in response to an emergency situation in the terminal building and environs."We are urging all persons who will be using the terminal building and its surrounding areas on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, to please be calm and patient as the exercise is being carried out with everyone’s interest at heart," LaBega said."There is absolutely no need to panic and we really would like to count on the cooperation of everyone as we conduct this exercise to further boost our emergency preparedness," she added.