Hearings on Child Abuse & Inheritance & Legacies National Ordinances Postponed

Central Committee Hearings that were planned for 17 November and 18 November about a Centralized Registration System for Child Abuse and the National Ordinance on Inheritance and Legacies, have been postponed until further notice.


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The Central Committee of Parliament Hearing for the central registration system was scheduled for Thursday morning at 10.00am.

A number of organizations and entities dealing with children were invited to parliament to give their input with respect to the national ordinance to amend Book 1 of the Civil Code.

The organizations are Safe Haven, Court of Guardianship, I Can Foundation, Crystal Home, UJIMA Foundation and Women’s Desk.

The Central Committee of Parliament Hearing that was scheduled for Friday at 10.00am with the Notary Association of the Netherlands Antilles & Aruba and the Bar Association of Lawyers has also been postponed.

All entities are being given additional time to peruse the documentation.

A new date has not been set when the aforementioned hearings will take place.