Bureau Telecommunications & Post SXM Launches New Website

Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten is pleased to announce the official launch of its new website: www.sxmregulator.com on November 15th 2011.

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Bureau Telecommunications and Post St. Maarten collaborated with a design team, photographers and the web building team of Litemoon to provide a more comprehensive source of company information and services.
The aim of the new website is to provide a useful and helpful reference tool to our clients, consumers, government, attorneys and to all other interested parties who want to keep up to date on telecommunication developments and regulations in St. Maarten.
With the launch of the new website, BTP-SXM also wants to create more transparency towards all stakeholders with regards to telecommunication regulation and be more efficient, since BTP-SXM is going to offer much more online services to their clients.
The new website is divided in different sections. Topics covered include: * About us: includes the company profile, roll and activities of BTP-SXM, the organizational structure and individual profiles of the professional team members.
* Media Center: includes all press releases and media coverage in newspapers and also regular market updates.
* Consumer Desk: an online portal where consumers can file complaints against Communication Providers on St. Maarten.
* 1-721 / NANP Section: where St. Maarten residents can find all information on St. Maarten’s transition to the NANP and the use of dialing code 1-721.
* Industry section; contains information on Communication and Post Regulation in St. Maarten
Bureau Telecommunication St. Maarten hereby invites the general public of St. Maarten to visit www.sxmregulator.com and explore the new company website.
The Director