Know your Country Thursday Night at the Library

The Philipsburg Jubilee library has been hosting an informative and motivational series called "The Power of Knowledge".


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The Series started July 28th and we will close this year’s chapter tonight November 10th at 6:30pm. The five part series focused on the various issues we think people in the community of Sint Maarten are interested in such things as, their rights as a worker (labor issues), their responsibility as parents, their health, their community, and their country. Knowledgeable persons in these various areas of interest came out and spoke about the topic of the evening. Provisions were made for the audience to ask questions. We urge the public to come out tonight and be informed. The topic tonight is "Know your Country", there will be a display of food from the various cultures represent on the island. This will continue into tomorrow’s Sint Maarten’s Day activities with a fundraising Scavenger Hunt. Please be sure to continue to look out for the dates of next year’s Power of Knowledge Series in the newspaper. The sessions were all free of charge, and will continue to be so; the only requirement is to bring yourself and a friend and be informed and inspired.

The Scavenger Hunt is our fun way of informing the community about Sint Maarten’s history and serves also as a means to raise funds for the Library. Being that we are a nonprofit organization we request a small registration fee of $25 per person. The teams can be a maximum of four persons and a minimum of two. Registration will continue until 10:30am on Friday. Come out with your teams to "Know your Country" and help your Library all in one. For further information, please visit our website at or email pj******@gm***.com or call 542-2970 and ask for Karia Arnold or Maja Kerkhof.