Wilbert Stolte talks with Saban youth

The Bottom- Representative of the Central Government, Mr. Wilbert Stolte, met with a group of 12 Saban youth on Monday November 7th to listen to their concerns and views on changes after 10-10-10, activities for the youth, crime on Saba, language, culture, history and their plans for the future.


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The youth, all Saba Comprehensive School students, ranged from 12 to 20 years old and represented the Saba United Sports Federation, Saba Cultural Group and Saba Girls and Boys Sports Group.

More activities

The Saban youth expressed the wish to see more and diverse activities organized for them, the organization of more inter island cultural and sports exchanges and the formation of a BES Youth Council. Through this council they would like to regularly discuss and debate issues related to the youth on all three islands and with their counterparts in European Netherlands.

They were positive about their encounter with the Representative of the Central Government and remarked they would like to hold similar talks in the future. Mr. Stolte promised he would make the time available as he believes the youth are open to changes and should be heard throughout the process. A similar talk was held recently with a group of young people on Bonaire. During a next visit to St. Eustatius a meeting will be organized where he will also listen to the concerns and views of Statian youth.