Royal treatment for Little Miss St. Martin pageant contestants

The pageant that kicks off the St. Martin Day calendar of activities will take place on Sunday, November 6, at 4 PM at Celebration Palace, Bush Road. But the Little Miss St. Martin pageant contestants received the royal treatment last weekend at the Pelican Marina Resorts, said pageant director Nzinga Lake.


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From October 28-30, "The princesses were very excited and had a wonderful time touring the resort, having breakfast and lunch, and playing in the pool," said Lake. The weekend treat was provided with the compliments of parliamentarian Hon. Jules James, who was presented a copy of National Symbols of St. Martin by Lake and pageant mentor Nkosazana Illis on behalf of the contestants. "The princesses also thanked Mrs. Grace Maccow for assisting with their stay at the resort," said Lake. In photo (L-R): Tsjaniqua Jeffrey, Shendricia Daal, and Kiara Jeffrey having fun in the swimming pool at Pelican Marina Resorts.