Automatic fire-arm found

Based on information that came into the police department, a police 0-tolerance team has conducted an investigation in the Cay Hill area to locate and confiscate an automatic handgun.


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On the location where the investigation was conducted the police found a black handbag containing some food items and under that bag the fire-arm in question.

This weapon is an automatic LUGER caliber 9 millimeter handgun. The gun in was loaded with 9 millimeter bullets ready to fire. This weapon is in fact what you will call a "machinegun", because shots could be fired repeatedly from that weapon by only pulling the trigger once. This weapon was confiscated by police and handed over to Forensic department who will run tests on this weapon. A suspect already in custody by the police may be linked to this weapon. The investigation is ongoing.

This weapon which was found in an open and public area could also have been easily found by some young child. This child or any other person could have seriously been injured by this very dangerous weapon.

The police department is urging the entire community to immediately get on board and join with police department in this ongoing battle against crime on Sint Maarten. This problem is not only a police problem, but a problem of the whole community. Keep the information coming in as we intend to clean our streets of all illegal weapons and other criminal activities. Another gun off the streets and many more to go.