Individuals & companies exporting wooden pallets of goods must notify Inspection Dept. TEZVT-LVV


Individuals or companies desirous of exporting wooden pallets from Sint Maarten to other countries, must notify the Inspection Department TEZVT-LVV (Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries) that falls under the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunications, and also secure permission before making arrangements to send the pallets abroad.

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The wooden pallets will need to be inspected in order to ensure that there are no pests in the pallets.

Based on a recent experience, a company exported a container of pallets to Puerto Rico and the shipment was denied entry and returned to the island because the shipment contained the Auger beetle (Heterobostrychus brunneus). The beetle is a quarantine pest for the United States of America and territories.

Sint Maarten as a country has to adhere to certain rules and regulations with respect to the export of goods. If the country does not adhere and comply to these, it can be blacklisted which could have a negative effect on our national economy, according to Mervyn Butcher from the

Inspection Department TEZVT-LVV.

The Inspections Department TEZVT-LVV of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Office is located in the Savence Building (Yellow Building where Public Works and Building Inspection are located), Tamarinde Steeg #16C on the Pondfill. The office can be reached by calling 542-4519 for further information.