Complaint Officer of the Bureau Ombudsman On Exchange working visit in Amsterdam

Miss Charleen Bell, Complaint Officer of the Bureau Ombudsman Sint Maarten left for the Netherlands on Saturday for a week’s training at the Bureau Ombudsman Amsterdam.


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The program of the working visit comprises the following topics:

1. Complaints procedures filed via the telephone (viewing a live "in-take" of complaints);

2. Intervention procedures;

3. Dealing with difficult complainants;

4. Dealing with "walk-in" complaints;

5. Reviewing and preparing of Investigative plans;

6. Preparation and conducting Consultation meetings;

7. Discussion on Standards of Good Conduct;

8. Discussion Techniques;

9. Evaluation

This program falls under the USONA project, but is pre-financed by the Bureau Ombudsman Amsterdam. Dr Nilda Arduin, Ombudsman of Sint Maarten appreciates the gesture of her colleague Mr. Ulco van de Pol, Ombudsman of Amsterdam. As the Ombudsman stated at the symposium organized by the High Councils of State at the West-In Hotel on October 14th 2011, the Institute Ombudsman is like a fraternity!

The complaint Officer is expected back on the island on October 29th 2011.