Attempted break-in, in Fort Willem Area

On Monday October 24th at approximately 01.00 p.m. several police patrols were sent to the Fort Willem area to investigate a call of an attempted break-in and whereby the occupants of that home were being threatened by the suspect with a fire-arm. On the scene the patrols were informed that indeed a man armed with a silver colored handgun attempted to rob them. During the investigation a man fitting the description of the suspect was spotted by the police. This suspect took-off running through the area and the police lost sight of him through the alleys in the area. Persons in the neighborhood were reluctant to cooperate with police to give information in regard to where the suspect was hidden. However during the investigation a black plastic bag containing a black T-shirt, a black mask and a silver colored pistol caliber .45 were found hidden at the back of a house. This pistol and the other items were confiscated in connection with the investigation. The suspect was not arrested.


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