Yvette’s cookbook is back for “seconds” in bookstores

House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP) has rereleased St. Martin’s bestselling cookbook over the weekend.

From Yvette’s Kitchen To Your Table – A Treasury of St. Martin’s Traditional & Contemporary Cuisine by Yvette Hyman is now in its second printing at

bookstores, said HNP president Jacqueline Sample.


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Because of enthusiastic responses from Amazon.com, tourism blogs, Yvette’s Restaurant diners, and the general public, Bobby Daal said that, "Yvette’s cookbook

is putting cooking in St. Martin to another level." Daal is charged with distribution.

With over 200 recipes and easy cooking instructions, especially for the island’s kitchen novices, or visitors enthralled by but not versed in Caribbean cuisine,

Daal may not be far from the mark with his comment.

The book offers eats that are modern and from the time of "our mothers and grandmothers" and "will teach our young how to prepare and enjoy St. Martin’s

unique dishes, thereby preserving a part of our heritage," said nutritionist Gloria Ferris-Bell.

There’s little doubt about public demand for the prized book. "Bookstores have been knocking on the publisher’s door since July because customers keep

looking for Yvette’s cookbook. Now the book is available well ahead of St. Martin Day, Thanksgiving, and of course the Christmas season," said Sample.

From Yvette’s Kitchen To Your Table sold out its first printing in a record one month after being launched on June 4, 2011, said the publisher.

Among the bestseller’s 312 colorful pages, classic favorites such as souse, Johnny cake, Conch Yvette’s, lamb stew, coconut tart, guavaberry, and soursop drink

are to be found, tried, and savored.

Minister of Culture Dr. Rhoda Arrindell, who has tried the sweet potato pudding, said on Sunday that, "Yvette’s cookbook is now part of the gastronomic

landscape of St. Martin." The 37-sq. mi. island has over 350 restaurants from around the world and "delivers" as the "culinary capital of the Caribbean," wrote Kristin Braswell at ABCnews.com.

The very design of Yvette’s cookbook by Angelo and Gina Rombley is appetizing, with full-page photographs of dishes and drinks. Appetizers, Soups,

Poultry, Fish and Shellfish, Meat, Salads, Dumplings, Rice and Fungi, Breads, and Desserts are some of its chapters.

From Yvette’s Kitchencan be found at Van Dorp, Arnia’s, Shipwreck, Caribbean Liquors, and Yvette’s Restaurant. Limited copies are available at www.Amazon.com 

can be found at Van Dorp, Arnia’s, Shipwreck, Caribbean Liquors, and Yvette’s Restaurant. Limited copies are available at