Inspectorate VSA and Fire Dept. Carry out 21 Controls

Joint controls started on October 10 and so far 21 violations were registered by the Inspectorate of Public Health, Social Development and Labour (Inspectorate VSA) and the Fire Department.


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With respect to labour violations, those ranged from non-critical such as administrative infringements where businesses were not able to display a work schedule or labour registry.

A critical violation was employers employing persons without an employment permit. In such a case, employers were informed about the situation and what the consequences are if this situation remains. The employer was also advised what measures need to be taken.

In the area of food safety, there were 18 violations of which four were critical and 14 non-critical.

Several businesses were closed or partly closed, namely Subway at Maho Reef, Paris Bistro (Maho Reef), Maho Market, Carlo Bella Napoli (Cupecoy) and Stone Restaurant (Pelican).

After the infringements were corrected, and after re-inspection, these businesses were allowed to fully open or the section of the operation that was closed down was allowed back into operation. Infringements of the aforementioned businesses related to food and fire safety issues as well as equipment challenges. Some food stock was also confiscated and destroyed by the Inspectorate VSA.

The Fire Department discovered a number of fire safety infringements, three were critical and 17 were non-critical.

The infringements ranged from fire extinguishers not serviced underweight or not having sufficient extinguishers for the size of the kitchen; insulation of electrical wiring not in order; emergency gas shut off valve lacking; and emergency EXIT signs not in working order.

Business owners and staff must make sure to have proper Identification as well as copies of Resident and Employment permits with them all the time.

The objectives of the controls are to guarantee quality service to residents and visitors on the island by making sure that establishments are adhering to the rules and regulations that govern their operations.

Controls will continue on a regular basis. Cooperation from the businesses visited was very good.

Establishments are required to have all documentation such as a business license, operational license, labour registration, personnel list, work schedules, overtime, wages, insurance and employment permits all in order and available for display when requested.

Establishments must meet codes and maintain safety codes where it concerns the amount and state of fire extinguishers (serviced annually by a certified company and must be properly labelled when the certification took place and must be written in the Dutch or English language), fire emergency exits, exit signs, emergency lights, gas bottles and installation, and the building structure and electrical wiring. Any hazardous situations discovered during the inspection will result in the establishment being closed immediately.