Little Miss St. Martin “princesses” extra lessons in history, culture, and unity

The "Little Miss St. Martin Pageant"contestants are getting extra lessons at rehearsal about "St. Martin’s history, culture, unity, and the importance of love for oneself and country, along with etiquette and pageant protocol," said organizer Nzinga Lake.


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The pageant "princesses" Shendricia Daal, Tsjaniqua Jeffrey, Kiara Meyers, and Joliyah Abram also have a number of upcoming heritage activities to attend, media

appearances, and a visit with Minister of Culture Dr. Rhoda Arrindell in preparation for the November 6 event, said Lake.

Earlier this month the contestants visited the St. Martin’s Home on Senior Citizens Day, "where they introduced themselves and mingled with the elderly," said Lake.

Last weekend, motivational storyteller and dance coach Nkosazana Illis took the girls through their opening dance routine, "which we can’t wait to show the public on November 6 at Celebration Palace," said Lake.

Laptops, a Winair trip, and bank savings book are among the prizes that the winners will take home. "But the main idea of the Little Miss St. Martin Pageant is still to motivate and inspire positive activities for girls and to honor the traditional sense of unity that St. Martin Day stands for," said the organizer.

"We would like to thank so far the Ministry of Culture, Winair, Mr. Boykie of Clean St. Maarten, the St. Martin Day committee, Ms. Zaida Vlaun of Travel Planners, parents, and schools for their support," said Lake.

The contestants are "encouraged to excel in cultural knowledge and to value educational excellence, while being graceful ambassadors of their schools,

neighborhoods, and St. Martin," said Lake.

One of the competition categories calls for the girls to model the dress or uniform of the profession that they want to work in when they grow up. "The idea again is to challenge the princesses as much as to entertain our audience," said Lake.

The pageant winners will participate in the official St. Martin Day activities hosted by the minister of culture on November 11, said Lake.