SHTA: Stimulate the economy to fix crime

The SHTA acknowledges and supports Minister Duncan’s efforts to safeguard the tourism industry and protect our primary industry; SHTA believes that stiffer penalties for severe crimes should be introduced across the board to all criminals. Ultimately, all crimes have a negative impact to our society and economy.


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The SHTA is well aware of the limited resources of the justice department. Increasing penalties may result in more people in jail which translates into more facilities, more guards and more financial demands.

The health of our society is a direct reflection of the health of our economy. In the long term, the solutions for crime revolve around fixing our economy. The core issue is the underperforming economy, which is not producing enough revenue for the country and is therefore hindering our ability to put the necessary framework in place to effectively fight crime and fix other social ills.

Moving forward, the SHTA believes that there is hope and suggests the following to stimulate the economy and provide relief to residents and businesses.


1. Increased police presence on the streets. SHTA believes that the periods of vehicle controls which occurred sparingly over the past years were successful deterrents to crime. These should be repeated.

2. Heightened border control to prevent the trafficking of narcotics, persons and goods.


1. Restructure the tax system. Broadening the tax base, creation of an environment that stimulates growth and investment. Government can generate more revenue and stimulate the economy simultaneously by lowering the tax rate, eliminating special deductions, and increasing compliance.

2. Crime is a social issue. Therefore, prevention and control should go hand in hand with socio-economic development. We need to fix the education system to better foster and stimulate the youth.

SHTA has requested the opportunity to discuss these and other suggestions with the Council of Ministers.