Customer Service Training for GEBE and SMHDF

AUDIO INCLUDED IN THIS STORY: A press conference was held at the Great Bay Hotel regarding the partnership between the European Union and USONA, to conduct customer service trainings at GEBE and St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation.


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Through a project funded by the European Union, USONA serves as the executing agency for a comprehensive initiative entitled the Capacity Development Project. The project is being implemented by WSP management consultants based in Curacao. The Capacity Development Project beneficiaries on St.Maarten include VROMI, GEBE, St.Maarten Housing Development Foundation and select other community-based organizations.

”Through the Capacity Development Project, various areas of need in the respective organizations are being addressed such as, institutional development, information management systems, operation and maintenance of water infrastructure, empowering communities to deal with beneficiaries and improving customer focus,” says Tijtske Leemans, WSP Customer Service and Public Relations.

Consequently, select employees of N.V. GEBE, as well as the SMHDF, will be undergoing a series of customized customer-focused training programs. This extensive training initiative has been developed and will be executed by IMBRACE, under the leadership of Ms. Jacqueline Louis, CEO of IMBRACE, with co-facilitator Mrs. Josianne Fleming-Artsen, past President of the USM, along with the assistance of Ms. Emmalexis Velasquez and Ms. Franchi Felix, members of the IMBRACE Team. ”The IMBRACE team is extremely excited about this opportunity to work with GEBE & SMHDF, two major institutions that provide critical services to the community of St.Maarten,” states Jacqueline Louis, IMBRACE CEO, who continues by saying, ”it is an exciting challenge that we have undertaken with a sincere commitment, understanding, excitement and expertise.”

”After extensive meetings, and strategy planning sessions with Mr. Henry Lynch, Director of SMHDF, and Mr. Steve Duzanson, Commercial Manager at N.V. GEBE, as well as input from other employees at these organizations, and a customer survey conducted by IMBRACE to garner feedback directly from the customer, we trust that we have a thorough understanding of the  service solutions, to improve customer service on step at a time,” shares Leemans.