TelCell Announces Affordable 3G Packages for Mobile Voice and Data Services

TelEm Group is marking today’s observance of 10-10-10 with the launch of several 3G Mobile Voice and Data packages by the company’s pioneering mobile provider, TelCell.


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The new packages make full use TelCell’s 2G (EDGE) and 3G mobile networks with affordable and aggressive pricing.

Customers can remain with the company’s 2G (EDGE) service packages or opt for the faster 3G services and features with newly announced 3G subscription packages.

All the packages and rates are available from all TelEm Group locations and are also featured in the company’s latest advertising campaigns.

Until today TelCell has offered 3G data services commercially to customers via mobile internet data dongles.

The launch of today’s new packages signals the commercial offering of 3G Voice and Data services for 3G handsets.

"Customers have been asking for the mobile voice services for several weeks since we announced the launch of our 3G network," said Manager, Sales & Marketing Mrs. Carmen Lake-Reyes.

"We made the mobile voice service available to a limited number of subscribers during the month of September so that we could tweak and fine tune the network. We are satisfied with the performance as can now offer the full 3G service for handsets, iPads and other compatible 3G devices," said Mrs. Lake-Reyes.

The Manager, Sales & Marketing says all efforts have been taken to make the 3G voice and data prices as affordable as possible, with some caps on data services to ensure customers do not run over their budgets.


"Mobile data usage can be very expensive if it is not handled efficiently, therefore we have introduced a cap system for a specific amount of data use per month. If a customer exceeds the cap, they have to send an SMS to us acknowledging that they have reached their max and intend to purchase an additional plan, or bucket, as we are calling the packages," continued Ms. Lake-Reyes.

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) TelEm Group, Mr. Eldert Louisa says it is important for customers to know that they must now subscribe to the company’s 3G service if they want to experience true 3G mobile speed and features.

"Unless the user subscribes to the 3G service they will continue to utilize the 2G (ZONE) network. If they have a 3G compatible phone and they configure the phone to 3G they will only receive as SOS signal, which means they are not getting network service.

"If they take the same 3G compatible phone and take a 3G subscription with TelEm Group, when they configure the phone to 3G they will then be utilizing the 2G (ZONE) and 3G networks simultaneously," continued Mr. Louisa.

The CTO says it is for this reason that customers who subscribe to the 3G network are being advised to configure their handsets for 2G/3G performance.

"Sometimes a 3G customer will see their handset change to 2G (EDGE) and back to 3G. This is completely normal and they can be assured that they are still riding the 3G network – it is just a feature of how the networks operate together to ensure that customers get the best coverage possible at any given time or location," continued Mr. Louisa.

TelEm Group will be making staff available during the course of the week to assist the public and answer any queries they may have on the 3G packages.

For more information please call TelEm Group Customer Care at 546-0100.