Prime Minister says last minute effort made to resolve postal services issue;

Agreement on way forward seems imminent

Talks until now between NPNA and PSS have for numerous reasons not resulted in an agreement between parties for the takeover of the postal services by PSS.


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This matter practically came to a head as NPNA publicly announced cessation off all activities carried out by the post office to date.

This has take place without an agreement with PSS pertaining to the operation and without an agreement with their personnel on Sint Maarten regarding their future.

"A last minute effort on my side and involving the chairman of the board of NPNA resulted in the management of NPNA and my representative going back to the table Thursday afternoon.

"On Wednesday evening I called for a meeting of the employees of NPNA to apprise them of the status of affairs. I did this as Prime Minister of the country and responsible for the delivery of service to the people of Sint Maarten.

"However, the workers of NPNA came to the building this morning and I granted them an audience, bringing them up to speed with what was taking place. The meeting therefore at six Thursday evening did not take place.

"Naturally these workers are quite perturbed about the state of affairs and from what I was told, staged a sit-out at the Post Office for the balance of the day today, Thursday.

"I promised the workers to make a statement following the meeting with Management of NPNA and thus I would like them know that parties are meeting and an agreement as to how to proceed as of October 10th seems imminent. Of course not all hurdles are cleared yet, but that was not expected in this first meeting.

"With respect to what is expected of the workers tomorrow Friday, their employer (NPNA) will communicate this to them, directly or through their union," Prime Minister Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams stated on Thursday evening.