NAGICO sponsors Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Beside skin cancer, Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women and it is also one of the leading causes of cancer deaths among women of all races. St. Maarten has taken a stand to fight against this disease through the Positive Foundation which, in collaboration with NAGICO Insurances, will be seeking to raise awareness and educate St. Maarten about this disease throughout the entire month of October.


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To offset this campaign, NAGICO Insurances has made a handsome donation in the form of a cheque and materials to be used, all of which will go towards educating and reminding the public of early detection in the fight against Breast Cancer.

"While there are many uncontrollable factors that affect one’s risk for developing Breast Cancer like family history, personal cancer history. There are many factors which are in our control. Risk factors such as lifestyle choices- diet and exercise for example, can be modified," Shelly Alphonso, President of the Positive Foundation and a Manager at NAGICO Insurances said.
"Early detection saves lives. Studies show that the five year survival rate for cancer detected in the early stages is 98.3%," she added.

  Alphonso also pointed out that while Brest Cancer is a disease which usually afflicts women, the ripple effect affects everyone.  

  "NAGICO is 100 percent behind this awareness campaign, because Breast Cancer affects us all, in one way or the other," she explained. "The women, who are diagnosed each year, are our mothers, sisters, colleagues and friends. These women mean something to us so we all have to join the fight and play our role."

  She also urged women to get tested, as early detection is key, in the fight against Breast Cancer.