Working visit Head Ombudsman Bureau Amsterdam, Mrs. Petra Visscherm, September 25th to October 1st

The Head of the Bureau Ombudsman of Amsterdam, Mrs. Petra Visscher arrived on Sint Maarten on September 25th 2011 on a working visit as a continuation of the exchange program established between the Ombudsman of Sint Maarten, Dr. Nilda Arduin and Dr. Ulco van der Pol of Amsterdam.


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Mrs. Visscher’s visit centered mainly on reviewing the work procedures of the bureau with Ms. Philips, the Chef de Bureau on Sint Maarten. The exchange focused on the complaints the Strategic Plan, the policies and regulations established to govern the Ombudsman institution of Sint Maarten.

In order not to stagnate the efforts of the Ombudsman Sint Maarten in building the institution the Bureau Ombudsman of Amsterdam also advanced the financing of this trip that will ultimately be refunded by USONA, the Dutch Funding Agency. In addition the Bureau of Amsterdam will also advance the working visit of the complaint Officer, Miss Charlene Bell, to Amsterdam in the coming weeks. Last mentioned trip was due since the beginning of September, and could no longer be postponed due to the time scheduled to receive Sint Maarten’s Complaint Officer for training.