The Governor, His Excellency Drs. Eugene Holiday, recently held a swearing-in ceremony with Ms. Angelica Irene Lloyd as St. Maarten’s newest Physiotherapist.


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St. Maarten can now boast that a daughter of the soil, raised and educated in St. Maarten at the Methodist Agogic Centre (M.A.C.) and a graduate of The St. Maarten Academy, went abroad to The Netherlands and studiously completed her studies in the required time to return to St. Maarten to serve her country.

Sunday, July 4th 2004, was a defining moment for Angelica Lloyd (23) when her mother, Cynthia Lloyd-Rey, fell sick with a stroke and had to be hospitalized. The required physical therapy that her mother needed inspired Angelica to decide to make a career out of this profession, with the thought in mind that she would be in a position to help her mother when necessary.

Natural affinity

Helping her mother at home with massages and general physical care showed that Angelica had a natural affinity with physical therapy. Her mother claimed that she had ‘gifted hands’ and she along with her father, Lorenzo Lloyd, encouraged her to go into this field.


Cynthia Lloyd-Rey worked for 32 years as a secretary at the St. Maarten Academy from since it was originally founded in 1976 under the name Foundation for Vocational and Professional Training (FVPT) by the late Mr. Otto Jongsma, Mr. Ado Abel, Mr. Reiner Heere, the late Mr. Van Spanje and Mr. Fred Lanz. Miss Rey (as she is affectionately known by co-workers and students alike) retired in 2007 as a result of her physical challenges after her stroke in 2004.


Lorenzo Lloyd, also known as "Loulou" or "Lulu", a musician and bandleader in his younger days, worked for many years as Supervisor of the Maintenance Department at the Maho Beach Hotel & Casino before starting his own supermarket and running a successful catering company called St. Martin Food & Beverage Catering Service together with his brothers, Claude and Alex Mussington.


Angelica Lloyd is the sibling of the well-known internet entrepreneur, Terrance Rey, who founded the virtual airline, AirStMaarten, among other internet-based businesses and who now works in the Parliament of St. Maarten as Policy Advisor. Angelica has another brother, Leonaris Rey, who has already obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Management & Business Administration and is presently completing his MBA studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


Angelica Lloyd graduated in September 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy at the Fontys University in Eindhoven, Holland. During her studies, Angelica had the opportunity to train at several physical therapy clinics in Holland, and in St. Maarten, including a training period at the St. Maarten Home & The Sister Bascillia Center, and at the Santa Rosa Sports Medicine Institute in Curacao with her last internship at the Leonardus Health Center in Helmond, Holland.


Angelica Lloyd presently works at the Integrated Health and Rehabilitation (IHR) Center on the A.T. Illidge Road in St. Maarten since February this year after returning to St. Maarten in October 2010. Angelica and family would like to thank IHR owner, Mr. Timothy Ahlip, for patiently waiting for her return from Holland to form part of his team.

Social Activities

Angelica Lloyd is an active member of the Anglican Church and is involved in several groups. She served there as an altar server since her pre-teen years and has resumed her duties since returning from her studies in The Netherlands. Angelica enjoys cake baking and decorating with her father.