Tourist Office plans two events to mark World Tourism Day

The Tourist Office will be organizing two activities in connection with the celebration of World Tourism Day which is observed around the world on September 27.

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The first activity is a walk-a-ton with the Chippie van leading the walk followed by music from Happen so Massive for Saturday, September 25 under the banner, “Walk for Tourism.”
Sint Maarten Superhost will be the tour guide providing tips on the true value of tourism and how to really promote your island to tourist.
The walk-a-ton starts at 5.00am from the Emilio Wilson Park through Cay Hill, pass Radioa Shack (at Illidge), turn left straight towards the Walter Nisbeth Road along the Salt Pond, turn left by the Salt Pickers Round-a-bout and head straight to the Captain Hodge Wharf.
Free transportation will be provided back to the Emilio Wilson Park. This particular route was chosen as it relates to the cultural heritage of the nation where participants will be passing several historical landmarks.
Breakfast will take place at the Captain Hodge Wharf and includes coffee or tea, water, crab salad, salt fish, dinner rolls, mini sandwiches and a fruit salad. Participation is free. For T-shirts, you should contact the Tourism Office at 542-2337 or 542-1122 while supplies last.
The second activity will take place on World Tourism Day, September 27. A tourism day festival is being organized at the St. Rose Arcade starting at 7.00pm. The entire community is invited to this cultural oriented event. The international theme for this special day is ‘Tourism – Linking Cultures.’
This year’s theme is a celebration of tourism’s role in linking together the cultures of the world through travel. With millions of people travelling the world each year, never before has so many people been to so many places, nor been so exposed to other cultures – 940 million travelled in 2010.
The interaction between individuals and communities, and their diverse cultures, leads to tolerance, respect and mutual understanding, which are the building blocks for a more peaceful world.
On September 27 there will be a musical performance by the Ebony Steel Orchestra and Mosaic; a dance performance of the Ponum by the Dance Theatre; Salsa by Anais Dance Fusion, traditional Indian dance, and a Chinese rendition of the Chinese Dragon Dance.
There will be special guest’s appearance by Mi Paben, Mighty Dow, Shadowman and King Beau Beau, host and performer.
Food vendors will be offering an international cuisine from as far as India and China, to Trinidad & Tobago, Holland and much more besides local dishes.