Office of Disaster Management Recommends Monitoring Approaching Tropical Storm Maria;

Construction Sector and Wholesaler Warehouse Storage Depots requested to review plans of actions
The Office of Disaster Management (ODM) is advising the population of the South side of the island to closely monitor the progress of newly formed and 13th storm of the season Tropical Storm (TS) Maria, which is approximately over 1000 miles from Sint Maarten in the Eastern Atlantic Ocean.

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TS Maria is moving at approximately 23 miles per hour on a Westerly track which would bring it in our area over the weekend. Late Thursday an Air Force Reconnaissance aircraft will reach the system to investigate it further.
Tropical Storm Watches (issued 48 hours prior to arrival of storm conditions) could be issued on Thursday morning for the islands of the Northeastern Caribbean which includes Sint Maarten; however it is still too early to say what impact the storm will have on the local weather.
The 10 Emergency Support Functions (ESFs) of the island’s disaster management system have been placed on standby and to monitor closely the progress of TS Maria.
Residents are therefore advised to be prepared to take action if needed.
The ODM is also advising contractors, builders and sub-contractors to review their plans of action in order to take quick action to secure job sites in the event of a passing tropical storm/hurricane.
Materials such as plywood, shingles, zinc, and other construction material could become flying missiles capable of impaling brick walls or anything in its way. Construction debris can cause severe damage to property and cost lives.
Food wholesalers and warehouse depots are requested to review their plan of action to secure their properties in the event of a storm/hurricane threat.
Materials such as plywood, shipping pallets, food pallets, pieces of metal used to secure pallet shipments, can easily become flying missiles and a threat.
The ODM will closely monitor the progress of Tropical Storm Maria and the public will be informed in future communications and advisories on Thursday and Friday.