GEBE presents New Tariff Structure to Small Hoteliers

By invitation of the Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce Claret Connor, GEBE’s Commercial Manager Steve Duzanson and Corporate Communications Officer Cherryl Lambooy presented the new GEBE Tariff Structure to several small hoteliers and guest house owners on Friday, September 2, 2011.


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Topics of the presentation ranged from the need for a new tariff structure to price point comparisons as well as an overview of the process of developing the new tariff structure.

"When comparing the old and new tariff structure for several price points, you will see a very small difference between your old and new GEBE bill. This difference was larger when the new tariff structure was being studied, as the new tariffs were modeled on a lower price of oil. This could explain the misconception that the new model would lead to some relief. However, with the increase in the price of oil, the difference between the two tariff structures turned out to be smaller than expected", Mr. Duzanson clarified.

Mr. Duzanson concluded the presentation with several steps that small business owners and household consumers can take to lower their monthly bills, such as controlling the use of air-conditioning with key cards, use air curtains for store entry, using solar hot water systems and switching to LED lighting. He highlighted areas that GEBE was working on to keep costs low, namely running on heavy fuel oil, increasing efficiencies and researching alternative fuels, such as Liquid Natural Gas and Geothermal. "We wanted our members to leave this presentation enlightened about their bills, and empowered to take steps in electricity conservation to lower their bills, much more can be accomplished when we engage with each other and exchange ideas and possible solutions that are practical and achievable", said Claret Connor, Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce.

The small hoteliers and guest house owners used this opportunity to ask questions about their bill and the service they received from GEBE. The goal of the Small Hotel and Guest House Group in the Chamber of Commerce is for the smaller properties to work together and where possible negotiate better rates or improved service agreements. "It is time that the small hotels and guest house owners were treated with some consideration, as together we form an important part of the local economy and the face of the island to visiting guests" said Myra Provence, General Manager of Sea Palace.