Chucky Captured

Monday morning Police officers of KPS arrested the fugitive Omar Smith Nelson, also know as "Chucky".  

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Chucky escaped Pointe Blanche Prison on March 20th 2011, where at that time he was in pre-trial detention. This detention was in connection to a criminal case in which he was charged for his involvement in the violent killing of Wouter Romeijn in Maho in 2010 and several other violent robberies. Shortly after his escape Chucky was convicted by the Court of First Instance to a prison sentence of 18 years. This verdict in the meantime has become irrevocable.

After being spotted several times by witnesses throughout Sint Maarten, Police were never able to succeed in apprehending the man. It is apparent Chucky was assisted by his acquaintances in keeping out of the hands of the Police, which in itself is a serious crime.

The seriousness of this crime can be stressed by the fact that it appears that Chucky has committed other crimes since his escape. The latest information the police department had received was that he was on the brink of fleeing the island, made Police management team come to the decision that this man had to be apprehended come what may. Commissioner Carl John, Chief of the Uniform Division spearheaded the operation and after intensive and relentless searches and investigations by Police officers, Chucky was arrested this morning at approximately seven o’clock at an apartment in the Nazareth area.  

The Prosecutors Office and Police want to thank all persons from the public who have information given information about the whereabouts of the fugitive led to his arrest and preventing him from making other victims for the crimes he commits against them. Together with the public the Police who relentlessly and working many extra hours did a marvelous job.

Police and the Prosecutor’s Office thank the public for their support in order to have this convicted man behind bars again.

Chucky will be led before the judge of instruction as a suspect of at least two new crimes: 1. The escape itself and 2.a violent robbery, that was committed last week.