New School Year’s Message by Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams

“This new school year is a time of many emotions, in and out of school”.

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Allow me to firstly extend my best wishes to all students, teachers and parents for a very successful school year 2011-2012. While not everything is in our hands as a community, we can all contribute to making this school year a good one.
For many students, this will be a year of a new school or new class room, new teacher (s) and some new acquaintances. In the case of the latter, you have the choice as students to choose who will be your friends. Do so carefully.
Other students, unfortunately are returning to repeat last year’s program.
All students are encouraged to do their best, notwithstanding last year’s results. If you closed off last year successfully, stay focused and do even better, if possible. If your results were discouraging, start the school year with a firm resolve to do better this year.
I wish to expand this year’s message to include the community at large and surely all those who will be affected by the start of school and the busy roads as a result thereof.
Parents are called upon every year to make an extra effort to be involved in their children’s education and so I appeal to businesses to make this possible for their employees. Allow some flexibility in your workers’ time, once it is for their children. I can’t make this call without asking parents if granted, to use the time for the children, visit the school, talk to the teacher. I know most schools can be accessed on line, but nothing like a personal visit or a call to your child’s school .
School reopens at a time of several projects under execution. We are all inconvenienced, but it is a necessary inconvenience. It could mean adjusting your daily routine, leaving home earlier to reach to the school(s) and your work on time, and planning your day with the traffic situation in mind.
In addition to the work taking place on many of our main roads, government remains committed to spread the concentration of schools we have in the St. Peters/South Reward area, as well as plan other road projects to and from that area of concentration.
In the mean time , I ask that motorists show some consideration for fellow motorists, pedestrians and especially children, even if you are in a rush. If every-one “gives a little”, we can reduce the individual frustrations that traffic inconveniences can create.