SHTA and Tourism bureau agree to develop winter promotion

The SHTA on behalf of its hotel members organized a session on Thursday afternoon with representatives of the Ministry of Tourism.

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The meeting, which was meant to be a marketing strategy meeting, acted as a brainstorming session between the hoteliers and the staff of the tourism bureau on branding and marketing activities.
The hoteliers received updates on:
* The performance of airlines
* Status of the marketing reps
* Plans to reestablish the joint marketing committee with the French side and
* The TSIS –Tourism Statistical Information System-, which will be entering its first phase of testing in the coming weeks.
Additionally, regarding the Tourism Authority, SHTA was informed that it is top priority for the Ministry and that the aim is still to have it in place January 2012. 

During the session, hotel representatives had the opportunity to ask questions and relay their concerns regarding the industry; the discussion was open, honest and fruitful.
The President of SHTA, E. Lee and the Director of the Tourist Office, M. Chun reiterated the need for public private cooperation especially in the area of tourism. The meeting concluded with both parties agreeing to develop an island promotion for the upcoming winter season and would like to see support from the business community.
The SHTA is busy organizing a follow up session on Tuesday August 9th at the SHTA office to develop its marketing committee and decide on a winter promotion.