Do not be complacent this season as tropical waves & depressions start to form in the weeks ahead

The 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season has already seen five storm systems form since the start of the season on June 1, a little over two months ago.

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With four months still to go, residents should see an increase in the formation of tropical wave and tropical depression systems which can later develop into a tropical storm.
Tropical Storm Emily was the last storm of the season which has been trying to regenerate off the coast of Florida after is passed thru the East Caribbean island chain early last week.
The U.S. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) last week has also updated its outlook raising the number of expected named storms from its pre-season outlook issued in May. Forecasters also increased their confidence that 2011 will be an active Atlantic hurricane season.
The number of named storms has increased from 12-18 in May to 14-19 and the expected number of hurricanes has increased from 6-10 in May to 7-10 and of those 3-5 could be major hurricanes of Category 3, 4 or 5.
This is one reason why the community should not become complacent, according to the Office of Disaster Management (ODM).
The ODM is calling on the community to make sure everybody has everything in place and are storm ready. Everybody must take the required actions to minimize the risk of injury and damage to property in case there is a hurricane strike, and the time to act is now if you haven’t already.
Being prepared is essential prior to a hurricane strike. Businesses and government must survive and recover from a disaster as quick as possible which would ensure that the economy can be up and running and our way of life returns to a semblance of normality.
Residents, business owners and contractors have been already advised from the beginning of the season to draft plans that would protect their families, business operations and construction sites.
When a hurricane threatens our island, what is left for residents, businesses and contractors to do to prepare should be minimal. Remember, it only takes one.
The hurricane season runs through November 30.