ZVK intensive information campaign

Within a few days the Health Insurance Office (ZVK) will begin an intensive information campaign through radio and newspapers.


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During a press conference last Friday, which was organized by the State Representative, Mr. Wilbert Stolte, and the head of the ZVK, Mr Jan Pieter van Zandwijk, Mr. Van Zandwijk indicated that soon an information campaign will start  to inform the inhabitants of Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba about the health insurance that was introduced January 1, 2011. The information will focus on the most frequently asked questions about the general health insurance.

The ZVK has informed the population of the three islands during the first months of the introduction of the package. This was done by extensively communicating about the contents of the package through various media. There is also a booklet which identifies what the insured are entitled to. This is still available from family doctors and ZVK. Six months after the introduction of the new health insurance there are still questions among the public. This is logical given the various changes.

ZVK has an inventory of the most frequently asked questions, which live among the population on the three islands. Over the next few weeks, every week in newspapers and on radio a question will be answered in a comprehensive manner. The ads in the newspapers are designed in such a way that they can be cut out to keep for further reference.

There are several changes to the new system, but often someone will look for information only when he or she needs it at that time. That is why ZVK is making a trilingual brochure with basic information and frequently asked questions. Once this is completed, the brochure will be distributed door to door on all three islands. The inhabitants can always consult the booklet with questions about health insurance.

ZVK is appealing to everyone to take notice of the information that will be published within a few days in the papers. Persons who would like to call or drop in with their personal questions are always welcome to contact the ZVK. People can reach ZVK +599 715 8899 or send an email to in*****@ri***********.com.